Saturday, July 17, 2010

Daddy's Little Girl

There is Carrie Underwood song called,.."american girl". It talks about a dad and his little girl. Well all while I was pregnant we would listen to this song and we were so excited to have our little girl Hector was especially excited. Right after Shawnda was born I was holding her after they had cleaned her up and Hector walked over and held out his arms to hold her...I will never forget the look on his was pure joy. He has not been the same since. He cannot get enough of her. He tells everyone that he usually doesn't like babies or pay any attentiont to them, but Shawnda is the most beautiful baby he has ever seen (pretty sure he is biased) but he just is so happy to have is little girl. I guess I have to am I. We love her more than we can say.