Sunday, January 25, 2009

Well every month or so Hector goes out of the country to deliver cargo to places like Germany, Spain, Afganistan, and Iraq to name a that is my time to do my little projects. He has been gone over week this time so I have been busy sewing curtains, and pillows. I also made some wall decor that I found online. I am mostly putting these pictures on here for my sisters and my cousins since they live so far away from me. While there are millions of mistakes on everything that I made I am still pleased at how everything turned out. It is always a good feeling to make something yourself.


Melanie said...

Great Decorating!! I love having projects and it is always the best when they turn out so cute!! Good Job!!

Tara Wengert said...

Lex! I love it- it looks so great and seriously could be from a magazine. Could I hire you someday? :)