Monday, October 5, 2009

Jaxson Kane

Well I finally stole pictures from my sister in law's facebook to get pictures of my nephew Jaxson...i felt bad that I didnt have any pictures of him...He is the cutest baby. I seriously just want to squeeze him. He is definitely the apple of his parents eyes, and you can see why. It makes me sad because next time I see him he will probably be walking... time sure does fly. Anyways your auntie loves you Jax


Jennifer Richins said...

Hey there. Glad you found my blog and like the Proclamation. I'll have to look on my computer at home to see where I got it. If I still have it saved I can just email it to you. Send me your email address and I'll try getting it over to you.

Oh...and it sounds like we're only a few days apart with our firsts! But that's still top secret, so don't leave anything about that in any of the comments. Congratulations and good luck!

Lexi and Hector said...

Thank so much...sorry that i am just some stranger who sent you a comment. ANway my email is I appreciate it so much...