Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I was thinking that mothers day is here this coming weekend, and I was kind of excited because this year while I dont have my baby here yet she will be here in a matter of weeks. Finally I am able to say that I am a mother, a mommy. That is something that I have always dreamed of...Being a wife and a mother. How blessed I am. We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of this little girl, and I am so humbled by the thought of having her here.
But anyway as I was thinking about motherhood, of course I had to think of my dear sweet mother who passed away 13 years ago. I was only 17 when she died, and while I know she was not perfect, she was such a great mom. I get emotional just thinking about her, and it saddens me greatly that she is not around to see her kids and her grandkids. She would get a kick out of watching Porter, Payson, and Jaxson. She would love them to pieces. How awesome it would be to have her advice and wisdom. There are so many times when I wish I could call and talk to her, she would tell me how it was when she was pregnant and what maybe to expect. She would be buying this little cute outfits just because she couldnt resist. Of course she would be here when she was born, and I would feel so good knowing that my mom is here so everything will be all right. But in reality she is not here, and in the last 13 years I have learned to live without that. So for me when I think of a someone who feels that gap for me, who offers advice with pregnancy. being a wife, and a mother there a few ladies that pop into my head...

My sister KiLeigh...what can I say she is my best friend in the world....besides my hubby. She and I talk at least once a day. We live 2000 miles apart and still I know everything that happens in her life and she knows everything that happens in my life too. We drive our husband crazy talking all the time, but we dont care we need eachother. She is always there to hear me complain, and cry..which lately is alot. We can always talk, I dont care if we have just got off the phone hours before that...there is always something to talk about. She really is my best friend..and to be honest she was the first person to know that I was pregnant. Only because Hector was at work and I had to tell someone. And now with upcoming birth of our little girl she is making sure that she will be here for three weeks along with her little boys and my other sister Katie. I know what a sacrifice it has been to buy the tickets and get ready to come here. But she has been determined to be here for me no matter what. So Ki you are my best friend, and such a great example to me.
Another great girl in my life is my little sis Katie...she is not a mother yet, but I just love her to death. She is entertaining, and she is always there to talk to . What would I do without her...I am not sure.

There are other mothers whom I talk to on a regular cousin Janalee, she keeps me laughing. My cousin Erin, and my Aunt Trish they are just a few, and of course my Grandma and Granny. I love them all, and I so grateful for the women in my life. Happy Mothers Day everyone.


Tara Wengert Hendriksen said...

Ohhh Lex- you made me cry!!! I usually blame it on the pregnancy hormones but this time it's just for reals. :) What a touching post-you are still so strong and one of my heros. I've always thought that after Aunt Betsy died. I can't imagine what this whole experience would've been like without my mom around. I talk to her at least once a day and it usually involves Ty or pregnancy... I just think it's so neat to think of her holding and taking care of your baby this whole time, preparing her for what's to come and telling her all about you. She's taken care of Tyrell and Shawnda all these years right?? haha, I just like to think of that. This little girl is so lucky to have a mom that will cherish her almost more than possible. Hang in there, you're soooo close to being done and it's soooo worth it!! I can't even tell you how much Ty has changed my life and it's been 1 week. Then the love that seems to be missing from not having your mom here will just be poured into her!! :) Love ya Lex


OH Lexi! I love you! And this post touched me so much. I always think of you guys especially on Mothers day. I know your mom has been preparing your sweet little girl for her arrival! And I know she is taking care of my little Steven for me-there isn't a doubt in my mind. I love Aunt Betsy like a second mother, she really was awesome. I love you Lex! You and Ki are the sisters I never had! I always envy your relationship you two have with each other. I am so glad she gets to be there with you for your so exciting,awesome (yet scary :) arrival! I know your mom is proud of you! And is so excited for you to become a momma too! You will be just as good a momma as she was! I cant wait for you to hold her! Love you Lexi!

Smithfamily said...

No one will ever know how hard it was to loose your mom in your teen tears, just when you needed her the most. But I am sure she is watching down on your little family and is proud of the wife and mother you have become...All thanks to the great women in your life (and a little help from your Dad)